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March 21, 2009



"The only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian" seems to be the motto of those commanding the IDF.


"The only good Palestinian is a ded Palestainian" I believe the Nazis said the same thing, only it was Jews not Palestinians. Of course in war you have to make your enemy less than human, the Jews have done that to the Palestinians - of course the Palestinians do the same with their bloodthirst.

Kristie Mansfield

The fact that this has been regarded as "Humor" is as repugnant as it is telling of mentality of the Leadership, and the choice of T-shirts is a direct reflection of the values of the rank and file.
It doesn't matter what the outward statements are, when the reality is as plain as the nose on ther faces.

And as for RandyT, Perhaps you could consider that Palesininians would rather fight to the death for freedom that die hopelessly under oppression and occupation. No people ever have.


The T-shirts are reprehensible and as Kristie said, they are symbolic of the mentality of the leadership down. These lower level IDF members would not be creating, buying, distributing, wearing T-shirts without the tacit approval of their superiors.

The existence - acceptance - of these T-shirts along with the stories coming from IDF members bolster what Amnesty Int'l, McClatchy and other NGO's have been saying about the attitude of the troops while in Gaza from the de-humanization of Palestinians so a sniper doesn't think twice about shooting a mother and her two children to defecating all over someone's home you've taken over.

Yes, the IDF has now officially condemned these T-shirts, but where were they before the foreign press ran with this story?

There's an environment of impunity that must stop. This can only be done if there is an impartial, international inquiry (wider than UN Board of Inquiry that is wrapping up)into the allegations of war crimes committed by all parties of this conflict. Those found responsible, must be held accountable and prosecuted.

Akin Tijani

I pray for the war to end.
Let those who are connected (U S A, E U, U N, Israel, and Palestine) work for the end of the war, for a state of Palestine, for dignity for the Palestinians and Security to both the Israelis and Palestinians.

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