March 02, 2011

Farewell to the 'Wounded Warriors' blog

While the need of the soldiers to be helped still exists, this blog will no longer be updated due to time pressures on the blogger - me.

Thank you to all the loyal readers over the years.

I hope you will stick around and read our other McClatchyDC blogs - Planet Hollywood, Mexico Unleashed, Nukes and Spooks, and others. All very good reading.

Tish Wells, McClatchyDC


February 15, 2011

Veterans, rape victims, file lawsuit against DOD

Veterans, who said they were raped and sometimes forced to continue working alongside their abusers, have filed a class action lawsuit against Defense Secretary Robert Gates and former Defense Secretary Rumsfeldto ask that future cases be handed better. [Associated Press]


"Wounded Warriors" is a collection of veterans coverage from the McClatchy Washington Bureau, McClatchy Newspapers, and other sources. Send a story suggestion.


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